After the update of the usage policy, neither WhatsApp nor Facebook can read private chats or listen to calls. Such assurances, the head of the messenger, Will Cathcart, published on Twitter.

From February, for everyone who has installed WhatsApp, except for residents of the EU and the UK, new privacy rules will come into force, according to which user data will be transferred to Facebook (in particular, phone numbers, transactions and IP addresses).

In his post, Cathcart decided to respond to discussions around the messenger’s new privacy policy. He recalled that messages and calls in WhatsApp are protected with end-to-end encryption, the new rules do not change this.

“We’ve updated our policy to be transparent and better describe the added value of how people interact with the business. It is important for us to make it clear that this update describes business communication and does not affect how people communicate in private with friends or family, ”Cathcart writes.

He clarified that WhatsApp has about two billion users worldwide, almost 175 million people send messages to a business account on WhatsApp every day.

“Businesses need tools to respond quickly and efficiently to these messages. It’s too complicated today, and features like Shops and Pay can help people buy what they want from companies on WhatsApp, ”added the head of the messenger.

Meanwhile, Jamel Agaua, CEO of Rakuten Viber, considers the latest update to WhatsApp’s terms to be dangerous. The representative of the alternative messenger calls it “a mockery of the word“ confidentiality ”and“ disrespectful ”to user data (the company’s release is at the disposal of the editors).

Alexander Malkevich, the first deputy chairman of the Commission of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation for the development of the information community, media and mass communications, also calls on to refuse to communicate on WhatsApp on work issues. “All our confidential information will now legally become the property of the Western special services,” TASS quoted him as saying.

Earlier Pavel Durov urged users to switch to Android for the sake of preserving “access to the free flow of information” and pointed out the danger of iOS.