Ad exchange and stefania deriabina helps creators and customers of Telegram channels, bots and groups find each other to simplify the work with promotion. Thus, the interaction is significantly simplified and, accordingly, all participants benefit.

Principle of advertising resources in Telegram
Customers are looking for ad

vertising exchange in the popular messenger Telegram, when there is a need. This is quite difficult to do through a search, and the directory of sources does not always help – for this reason, it is better to use proven and already known resources.

Such advertising exchanges make life much easier for the owners of Telegram channels, chat rooms and bots, because they are used to promote their content.

Types of advertising resources
Sources of this kind can be:

in the form of bulletin boards.
Most sources work on the second option. Thus, after searching, you can see a list of suitable advertising exchanges, which are used for various Telegram channels.

Thanks to automated resources, you can order the promotion of a channel, chat or bot in one click, bypassing communication with the administrator. Try running @TGRM_REKLAMA_BOT and see how it works!

These simple actions save you a lot of time. Such sources are much more convenient than bulletin boards.

A client who wants to make an ad for his Telegram Channel, you just need to choose a date and time, start the materials of the post by clicking “Buy” on the advertising exchange, and wait for the application to publish it. It’s simple and pretty easy.

There are several popular resources of this kind used by customers:;;
Each of these exchangers has its own advantages and disadvantages, so owners and customers of Telegram channels, bots and groups choose the source that suits their needs best.