Based on the introductory sections and premalatha leaked video, you might get the impression that every business needs to maintain its own channel in the TG. In fact, this is not the case and you need to understand that far from age categories of people are registered in the messenger.

Telegram promotion is rational if you have something to tell the audience. For example, you can share facts, materials. An example is the “History” channel, which publishes photos with a brief description. The platform contains more than 410 thousand subscribers and this number is only growing every day.

It all depends on the scale of your business, as well as on the target audience. If every user can be interested in history, then the topic of selling rapeseed cake for farmers is unlikely to be of interest. If you are engaged in the distribution of agricultural products for farmers, then TG is unlikely to help increase turnover.

Only if you are in love with your business and the target audience is in the ranks of users registered in the telegram, you will be able to succeed. The channel will quickly become a way to attract customers.